This Weeks Dolls for Haiti: Well Done Everyone!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sabine ( Germany) the doll maker behind Miss Tiffy can't stop making dollies!!!!  They are all so charming. I especially like the side ponytail on her little diva of a dolly! Fabulous idea!

Sian (UK) High in the Sky made these dollies with her little one "we cut and stitched and stuffed all Sunday afternoon and by teatime we had these two" .... How wonderful!

Mary (USA) sent in this lovely group of friends!  They look eager to find their new home ;)

Ruth Ann (USA) made these happy little cuties! "It was so much fun making them. My little granddaughter who is only 2 1/2 helped stuff their little legs and arms and sent them off with lots of hugs. Your pattern was great!"

Melinda, (USA) Peppermint Grove can’t stop making dolls! Which I think is fabulous, especially when the boys are as handsome as these!

 And don't get me started on their shoes!!!!!!  Too cute Melinda! 

I just love the lace collar on Nancy's (USA) dolly. "Thanks for the pattern... it was easy and fun to sew!"

Cathy (USA) (I blogged about yesterday!) and her dauhghter made these lovely dollies!

Hayley (UK) made these two sweetie pies! I just love the little pink heart on no.2! She's part of a group of ladies in the UK stitching Dollies for us, so far they have15 :) YAY!!

Tawnya (USA) and her wonderful mom Colleen made these adorable dollies! They are in fact already in New York waiting to be shipped, but Tawnya, a seamstress, will be making more;

(I) am currently addicted, and will probably send another 10 or 20? Depending on time…… my (sewing) table is full of half stuffed limbs!”

Let’s all say it together, Hoorrahhhh for Tawnya!

Well Done Everyone!  Another wonderful week of dolls!

Have a lovely weekend, & Happy Sewing!

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