List of People’s Dolls that have arrived in New York!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stephanie Victor, the President of The Abundant Ground Foundation has kindly sent me a list of everyone’s dolly packages that have arrived in NY. So stop your fretting my friends, the mail is getting through!! Hoorrhhaa!

121 dolls so far!!

"The response and the dolls are beautiful. I can’t thank you, Dolly Donations and everyone who helped enough. Thank you. All of you are great people." - Stephanie Victor

2 Dolls Ruth Ann A Michigan

5 Dolls Louise. B Gibraltar

1 Doll Cecil California

2 Dolls Tom C. & Jill H. California

6 Dolls Tawnya C. Iowa

6 Dolls Carla Crim Maryland

2 Dolls Jill D. United Kingdom

6 Dolls Pippa D. United Kingdom

1 Doll Colleen K. Iowa

1 Doll Lund Wisconsin

36 Dolls Karen M. Canada

2 Dolls Matthew M. Florida

2 Dolls Jodie M. Australia

1 Doll Abigail Parker M. Maine

5 Dolls Lois N. Pennsylvania

12 Dolls Octager Unitarian Chapel United Kingdom

17 Dolls Helen M. P. Washington

3 Dolls Joy P. United Kingdom

3 Dolls Eva R. Berlin, Germany

3 Dolls Marilyn R. Maryland

1 Doll Stephanie Atlanta, Georgia

1 Doll Anwen Turton and Family United Kingdom

2 Dolls Jennie W. New Zealand

4 Dolls A. Wills & Family Alaska

Thanks Everyone!! This is so exciting!

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