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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I made this very Quick & Easy Free Doll Sewing Pattern to use as much scrap material as possible whilst providing a fun Dolly for a child in need. I have no qualms about you using this pattern for your own kiddy winks, but I really would appreciate it if you would consider making one for a child in need also. For more info, please check my FAQ page. Thanks & Happy Sewing!

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This Dolly is a huggable 16 inches when finished :)
Click to Download PDF Pattern

Paper/card for pattern
Sewing machine (or by hand!)
Poly-fill (or other stuffing material you use!)
Scrap fabric
Brown fabric for face (arms and legs if you wish too!)
Felt (or fleece) for the hair
Water color pencils, pen or chalk

(You can Click on the photos to enlarge them)

(1) Down load the PDF and print out the pattern. Please note a ¼ inch sewing/cut seem has already been added!
(2) I then transferred it onto card (old pasta boxes etc) as I knew I was going to be using it a lot!!! Just glue the print out directly onto the card and cut around it.

(3) Take a piece of prewashed ironed fabric and draw around your template. I love using water color pencils. If you make a mistake it washes right off in seconds. If you are using patterned fabric, always mark on the WRONG side.

Cut out the pieces:  1 head in brown fabric, 1 head in felt, 1 hair in felt, 4 arms, 4 legs, 1 body and (4) pin the arms and legs together.

(5)Sew the felt hair onto the face/ head, and then (6) pin it (RIGHT way to RIGHT way) to the body. Pin the back felt head to the other body and sew them together (7).

Sew the arms, and leg seems, tie a knot (8) in the ends so that the fabric doesn’t loosen when you turn it the RIGHT way ……. Once both sides are knotted turn the legs/arms the RIGHT way (9). And stuff with poly-fill (10). A blunt pencil helps push out the corners of the foot and push the poly-fill all the way in (11).

(12) Pin arms to body making sure they are tucked into the center and out of the way. I find it helps if you don’t over stuff the arms all the way to the end (see how flat they look on one side of the pin vs. the other side).

(13) Make a sandwich with the other body part, RIGHT sides facing in, and pin (careful not to pin the ‘hand’ on the opposite side of the body as you’ll send up sewing over it!!!).

(14) Sew around the edges, taking care around where the arms are and the neck (it can be a bit fiddly at first! But by Dolly number 3 you’ll be a pro!).

(15) Take out the pins and turn your Dolly the right way (watch out for the two pins used for the arms!!) (16) Stuff with Poly-fill. Don’t over stuff the head so that it looks like a ball, keep it a little squishy, so you can flatten it down with your hand (17), I find it keeps the shape better this way and allows a good surface for when you apply the face….

(18 - 19) Now for the bottom of the dress (or shirt if it's a boy).  Pinch in the corners and tuck approximately 1/4 inch fabric inside and pin to create a seam.

(20) For the girl Dolly leave the center open and pin in the legs next to each other. For the Boy Dolly, pin the legs at each end. (21) Then sew straight across, tie off and use a needle to hide the threads inside seam or the body.

Ta da!!!! You Have Made Your First Dolly!!!

Ok, now for the embellishments! If it’s a girl Dolly add a bow or a flower to her hair if you like. Use fabric paint, or acrylic artist paint for a face. Felt work well for eyes, and you can’t go wrong with embroidery thread. :)

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My other doll patterns can be found here: Instant Download Shop ♥

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