Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can I sell these dolls?

Nope, sorry. I made this very simple pattern to use as much scrap material as possible whilst providing a fun Dolly for a child in need.

Do you sell the dolls?

No, every dolly made ends up in the hands of a child in need.

Can I auction off or sell the dolls in our charity gift shop to raise money for our organization?

No sorry. Every doll made with this pattern must be given directly to a child in need.

Can I change the pattern?

Yes, feel free to. If you come up with an easier way or cute idea, please share it, so we can all use it!

Can I make this for my little boy/girl?

Yes, please do! However, I would appreciate it if you would consider making one for a child in need also.

Do you mind if I use my own pattern?

Not at all, it’s wonderful that you want to help! If the doll is intended for an orphanage I would prefer it if you made more than one, that way a child doesn’t feel as if they have been singled out or is different in anyway.

Can I Crochet or Knit Dollies?

That would be fabulous! I have some simple patterns on here, and would love to see your wonderful work. I also know from personal experience that a knit/crochet dolly is VERY cuddly ;)

(link to knit patterns)

(link to crochet patterns)

I can’t sew THAT WELL but I want to help!

Why not ask a friend who does sew, you'll be amazed at how easy it is and cute your dolly will turn out!

Wow, I can’t sew at all but I want to help!

You’re a sweet heart! Please check out my post …… Want to Help But Can't Sew.

Where do I send the finished Dollies?

Each ACTIVE Dolly Drive will have the address of where to send the finished Dollies to in their details page.

What are your current Active Dolly Drives?

Go Here for a list of the current Doll Drives going on around the world.
Want to send your dolls somewhere else?   Feel free to use my Free Doll Patterns and start your own doll drive ... make a child in need smile today!   Let me know about it and i'll add you to our list!

What if you get more Dolls than the drive needs?

All extra dolls will be handed out to the local children who have nothing to call their own.

How do I start my own Dolly Donations Drive?
  • First off, talk to your friends, you never know what connections are out there until you ask.
  • Contact your local church group or organization that might be supporting children in need abroad.
  • Know of an orphanage, why not contact them?
  • See if dolls would be a good gift to give to missionaries traveling overseas to distribute.
  • Are you or do you know somebody who is adopting a little one from overseas? Why not see if you can send some dollies along with them?
  • Why not drop some dolls off at a homeless, or battered women’s shelter?
  • Are your relatives in the armed forces? Some of the smaller patterns are idea to give to them to hand out to local children to build trust and friendship in areas devastated by war and hardship.

 The sky’s the limit! Go on give it a shot, you’ll be amazed how easy it is, how many wonderful people you meet along the way and remember for every doll made you’ll be making one child very happy!

Dolly Donations would love to help spread the word for local sewing groups and drives around the world so that others in your area can join in the fun. And I would love to be able to share your stories with everyone in the Dolly Donations community!

I’ve started a Dolly Donations Drive what information do you need to post about it on your blog?

I'm no longer hosting Doll Drives 
- but please feel free to start your own & Support the Active Doll Drives Listed.

Dolly Donations: Sending Love, 1 Dolly at a Time! 

Thanks everyone! And Happy Sewing!

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