The Abundant Ground will send our dolls to Haiti!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The wonderful people at The Abundant Ground are overjoyed to be able to take our extra dolls from our last drive for children in need in Haiti.

After the success of our first drive for their orphanage in Haiti, we have stayed in close contact.  When I found out they are working with a number of medical clinics (there are very few hospitals still standing since the quake, see photo below) that are tending to children in need, I asked if they would like to provide those children with dolls to help comfort them through their tough times on the road to recovery. And of course Stephanie Victor, the Foundations director was elated!

The Abundant Ground will be working with The Associations of Haiti Physicians Abroad to distribute the dolls to victims and patients in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

So thank you to The Abundant Ground and The Associations of Haiti Physicians Abroad from all of us at Dolly Donations! We can’t wait to hear how the children are doing and hopefully they will receive their very own dolls before Christmas if customs allow it!

If you have made dolls intended for the last doll drive please send your finished dolls to:

The Abundant Ground Foundation
96 East Raymond Avenue
Roosevelt, New York 11575

Please print a tax donation receipt to post in with your dolls. (Your dolls & postage are tax deductable!)

A list of all doll donations and donation receipts will be provided by The Abundant Ground. 

Please Note: This is not an Active Doll Drive.

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