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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I wrote this post for an interview I did regarding beginner charity blogging, however, I believe it would help beginner bloggers in general…. Please add your tips in the comments, I’d love to learn what you have found helpful in your individual journeys in this wonderful world of blogging!

* Pick a blog name that makes sense, but doesn’t limit your endeavors.

* Link in to everything!!! Twitter, Flicker, Facebook …. People have a variety of ways of hearing about you then. Use the same name as your blog everywhere … yup, get a gmail account with it in …… don’t confuse people!

* That being said ...... Keep your add-ons simple. Blogs that have too many widgets and gadgets take FOREVER to load!  (hmmm I really should get rid of my feed the fish gadget ... shame it's soooo cute!)

* Make buttons that link back to your blog that are simple, eye-catching and tell people what you are trying to accomplish. E.g. Dolly Donations: Sending Love, 1 Dolly at a Time!

* A picture says a thousand words …. Use photos, people don’t have time to read everything you want to say, no matter how important it might be!

* Turn off no-reply. I love responding to comments, but I get really sad when I type up a fab little email response, only to hit send and see it go to "no-reply-comment@blogger.com". So don't forget to leave your email when you leave a comment or link it to your profile.

* Reply to Comments …. That’s how you make friends!

* Always treat others how you wish to be treated. If people link to you, drop by their blog and say thanks and have a look around, you’ll be amazed who you’ll find!

* Ignore statistics! Who cares how many people viewed your blog, it’s quality not quality at the end of the day…….

* And above all ........ HAVE FUN! 

Wow, I have learnt so much! I had never blogged before January and I love it! I have met so many wonderfully creative and compassionate women from all over the world.

Take Everyone & Happy Blogging!

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