Your Dolly Drive: Dolls for Burmese Refugee Orphans in Thailand

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When Joy’s 4 year old daughter wanted to know if the Burmese Orphan that her family sponsor’s had toys for Christmas Joy tried to find out. Her cousin and his wife run a charity supporting a very small orphanage in Thailand: The Charis Project .

The Charis Project x-mas 2009 (Source )

The answer came back, they were very grateful to be able to finally by beds for the children this Christmas, they had new shoes and warm clothes but no, the children did not have toys ……. and that was it, Joy had a goal!

She rustled up the support of some lovely sewing friends and they made 40 dolls using the Dolly Donations free pattern, to send to each orphan.

They are all so lovely!   And I am happy to say they have arrived safely in Thailand!

Well done Joy and your beautiful daughter for completing your very own Dolly Drive!
I know each one will be well loved.

There’s always a story behind an orphanage...........

Children's Home Coop:  Build an Orphanage that will Model Self Sustainability and Intercept and Protect Refugee kids as they cross the border.

The Charis Project

Aaron and Carrien Blue have moved there 3 small children to Thailand to get the Charis Project up and running. They are an everyday family on a mission to help others in need and belive, “ that evil can be overcome if people who trust in good will work to oppose it.”

What’s going on in Burma?

“For almost 60 years now the government in Burma has been actively seeking to annihilate the minority ethnic groups within it's borders.”

“Over the years many of these groups have migrated to Thailand to escape the persecution.”

“Still more are children, orphaned and alone, who have escaped to Thailand and now face deportation or slavery in a brothel.”

What is the solution?

The Charis Project is not only providing a safe haven for the children in Thialand, but is also providing training and tools to the refugee adult workers so that they will be able to care sufficiently for their community and children when they can one day return to Burma, and rebuild their shattered lives.

Please check out their website and blog and help spread the word about these beautiful children!

Again, well done Joy and thanks so much for Sharing your Doll Drive with us!

If you have started your own Dolly Donations Drive for an orphanage close to your heart please let me know so that I can help spread the word!

Take care and Happy Sewing!

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