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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Apologies for any delays in my responses to e-mails and comments. I love hearing from everyone in the DD community!  I think having a Newsletter might just be the way to go so that i can stay on top of thing!  Let me know what you think :

My May’s Highlight: My little girl turned 1!  Wow how time flies!

DD Highlights: Some wonderful things have happened this month for Dolly Donations….
The most beautiful of all, I am sure you will all agree, was receiving the fabulous photos from The Abundant Ground Foundations Orphanage is Haiti Link

I’d like to thank everyone who made a dolly, The Abundant Ground and the drive sponsors Shellie Wilson of Craft Bits  /Craft Gossip .

Dolly Donations was given a 'Beautiful Blogger' award by the wonderful Clair over at FeltLikeStitches
Thank you so much, it means a lot to me (smiles and sends a hug!) If you haven’t seen any of Claire’s work you should pop over to her blog (I’m in love with her adorable toad stools!)

I love seeing your dollies! This little chap is modeled after the Haitian football/Soccer team by the talented Sarah at Cotton Kiwi who also runs The Devonport Craft Market, New Zealand.  I just love his little shorts :) and Sarah's already making football/soccer dolly number two!
Elizabeth and her sewing circle over at 12 Crafts Before Christmas are at it again! 10 dollies done and done!  They hope to host a doll drive sew-a-thon on a regular basics, a fabulous excuse to get together with other crafty women …. Sewing for good …. And eating cake!  Thanks Ladies!

Remember the cute teddy bears I told you about last drive? Well, I’m happy to tell you that the wonderful Suzie and her sewing friends are teaming up with us again for this drive!  “I currently have 15 bears ready to go and a dozen in process.”
Wow, that is brilliant!! They are so sweet and cuddly, thanks Suzi, keep up the good work!
Now comes the big heartfelt apology…. Sorry Claire, I totally misplaced your 7th birthday photo your Mom sent me… Silly Sarah! Your dolls are amazing and I know the children in Haiti love them with all their heart, Thank You!! Read Claire’s Updated Story 
Thank you to all who made a dolly last month, everyone is amazing … but then you all know that … right?! Don’t forget to send in your photos!
Horay! I’ve told you all the news and caught up on myself! I don't know about you, but I'm already looking forward to this months Newsletter!
Thanks for being a part of the Dolly Donations Community, keep spreading the word, have a wonderful week and Happy Sewing!

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