Mother’s Providing for their Children: Scheilla’s Story.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

18 year old Scheilla (pronounced Sheila) was found unconscious on the side of the road, five months pregnant, and with nowhere to go. I am very proud to say that Dolly Donations has, in some small way, helped her get back on her feet.

Do you remember I told you about Rita, the wonderful woman who contacted me last month before her trip to Haiti to see if I would be willing to allow Haitian woman to sell dolls made from my pattern?

Well of course I said yes! The whole point of creating the doll patterns was to help the children of Haiti, so if a mother needs money to buy food for her children, how wonderful that she make a doll for another child. Granted the small amount of money she can collect from this is not much in Haiti’s broken economy, but it helps.

Rita has returned with the very good news that she has taught Scheilla, now recovered and safely being looked after at Hope Village, to make dolls. And here is her fist doll!

Well done Scheilla, she is beautiful.

Father Marc is helping her sell the dolls she makes so that she can provide for her unborn child.

“She will have an income. Truly amazing. Thanks so much for what you are doing.
............ Work and a way to make a living gives the gift of dignity to one's life.” Rita Hunter.

I am so happy we could help in a small way ….. Right back to sewing I go!!

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