Meet & Greet Vonnie Sandlan

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let me introduce Vonnie Sandlan to our Dolly Community! She’s the first to take part in my Pay it Fwd Idea!

What was your favorite Doll, Toy, Blankie as a child?
Actually I was more of a book kind of girl! I adored a beautifully illustrated copy of The Owl and The Pussycat that I had as a youngster but misplaced between being a tiddler and being a Mummy!

What do you do?
My 'day job' is working as a manager in the Civil Service but I'm about to strike it solo with my husband Bob ( to open our own shop.

Tell us a bit about yourself!
Well, I started knitting and sewing sat at my Nana's knee. As the eldest of seven grandchildren I had a special place in my Nana's heart particularly since her only daughter wasn't really a fan of the 'traditional' crafts that she'd honed and my affection for yarn started as a 3 year old who used to fill an old Pepsi icebucket with scraps of leftover wool that I'd cut into little sections and make pompoms with. I remember with comfort all the fabulous hand-knitted jumpers that I sported as a child of the 80s and wish I had appreciated it that little bit more. I now have four children of my own who I hope will be keen to follow in my crafty footsteps! I am also being gently encouraged to make a doll or two for Haiti, and that is my goal for this week!      
Thanks Vonnie!  It's a pleasure to meet you!
  Happy Sewing!

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