Haiti Earthquake Creates Thousands of New Orphans

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As a 5-month-old Haiti patient arrives at a Israeli field hospital, the doctors have a dilemma on their hands … What will they do with him after his surgery?

They have no information about the boy's family, or whether any of his relatives are alive.

“Tens of thousands of children have been orphaned by the earthquake, aid groups say — so many that officials won't venture a number. With so many buildings destroyed and growing chaos in the capital, it is conceivable that many children are alone.”

"As yet they are still on the streets," said Elizabeth Rodgers, of the Britain-based international orphan group SOS Children. "Without doubt, most of them are in the open."

Even before the earthquake, the United Nations Children's Fund reported that Haiti, had approximately 380,000 children living in orphanages or group homes….

Good news is, a U.S. Homeland Security spokesman said that orphans who have any ties to the U.S. e.g. a family member already living here, can get special permission to remain in the United States.

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