Haiti Dolly Almost Finished but ..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am so close to getting the Haiti Dollies up on line and of course, something crops up … yup my printer’s dying on me! To say it’s frustrating, is an understatement!

I am trying to write up the tutorial and make a test batch of Dollies, and each print out is getting worse and worse …. The printer is not my friend today. It has ink, I have the pdf file (thank you Jeanie!), I have transfer paper loaded correctly … but oh no, it couldn’t be that easy …. I have big stripes through my print out ….. but when I do it on normal paper it’s fine! Must be the sheen on the paper, huh. Changed the setting …..Nope still lines!

Oh how frustrating, I really wanted to get the two Dollies up on line today :( The prints aren’t horrendous, I’m just a perfectionist …. Maybe I’ll make them up anyway so that I can write the tutorial….. and wait for my hubby to fix the printer after he gets back from the station tomorrow morning ….


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