Australian Children's Hospitals Doll Drive

Friday, January 4, 2013

I love the Dolly Donation community! When we all band together we can make such a difference in a child's life.... and we don't need to look far from home either ....

... Woman's shelters ... Children's Homes .... flood victims ... quake victims .. Children's Hospitals..

And that's what the lovely ladies behind The Sewing Library thought too. This amazing online Australian Sewing Community has banded together to make and donate dolls to the local children's hospitals all over Australia in different states.

I have given them permission to distribute my Advance Dolly Donations Sewing Patterns to all those wishing to take part in the drive.

Start Date: Now ♥  1/4/2013


Goal: 1000 dolls! 
 Boys and Girls please :)

 Skin Tone: All skin tones

You don't need to be Australian to take part, they are accepting dolls from all over the world to comfort sick children in the hospital wards across Australia.

If you would like to take part in the doll drive please pop over to their Facebook Fan page and let them know or send Cassandra an e-mail:

As always I'd love to see all of your creations so please stay in touch :)

Happy New Year Sewing!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Here are some of the wonderful Dolls and Softies they have made so far using my Free patterns and those from Dolls And Daydreams range.  They are all made with such such love and care! 

Congratulations Ladies! I know you'll all reach your goal and bring so much love with each one made!

Sew along

Karin & Cassandra's mascot Drive Dolly is ready for the sew along! Are you?!

Sheree's doll

Sheree's charming chap is ready for a hug with his new best friend .... and to play cars of course!

Jessica Dolly Donation Doll

Jessica's dolly just can't wait for a hug! And look at those pretty pigtails! So so sweet :) And with sewn on shoes she'll be safe for little ones too :)


It's Tea time for Karin's little froggies in there sweet retro dresses ... awww I'd love to have a cup or two with them! SO magical!

Rachel doll

Rachel's handsome little boy has such a cute pair of overalls on! Nearly done, how exciting .... what do we think .. is he going to be a train driver? Or a Farmer?


Kate's mermaid is going to make a BIG splash when she meets the girls in her hospital ward! Soooooo pretty!


Jess's pretty little girl has her best dress on all ready for the party! Loving her pink hair too!

Nadine 2

And Nadine's cheeky dolly has a few tricks up their sleeves being a fan of Cat in the Hat! Love that tummy fabric!

catherine 1st ever dolly

Congratulations to Catherine on her first ever dolly! Love her retro fabric choice and I can only imagine how sweet they shall be when they have a smile on their face ♥


Hang on ... is that a bunny on a bike!!! Nadine's brilliant fabric find for her rabbit gives so much personality! I love him!


Raelene's Superhero boy is coming to the rescue!!! He has supper hugging powers to make any little boy feel better!

Simone 1

All together now ..... "How much is that doggie in the window! Woof woof!"

Simone  2

Loving Simone's two Puppy Dogs ..... awww they are going to be such snuggle buddies with their new best friends!

Thanks so much everyone!!!!! They are all so wonderful! I can't wait to see more!

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