Dolls for Haiti: Making your own Doll Drives!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cindy (USA) and the other wonderful ladies in her sewing group got together and made these lovely dollies to send over to Haiti. They found an organization in Connecticut who would distribute them to orphanages they work with. All her hard work paid off as they are just adorable!

Just like me Cindy uses her dining room table for all her dolly sewing, hooray I’m not alone!

"Right now we are making dollies and turning them out at a pace where we need to find more venues to send them off to!!! We don't want to stop, but then my husband also occasionally asks me "Don't we have a dining room in this house somewhere???" We've found that we love getting together and sewing and talking and thus if we are going to be making these dollies, we need to work just as hard at finding places to donate them too.”

Congratulations Cindy and the other ladies in your group! You have done an amazing job!

If you have photos of finished dolls or softies you have made for doll drives,
please don't forget to send them in :)

I hope to be posting about our next Active Haiti Doll Drive before my baby’s due date in JUNE!!! My how time flies ..... so please stay tuned!

Take care everyone and Happy Sewing!

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