Active Doll Drive: Renew Hope Haiti Children

Friday, January 14, 2011

After the success of Jude and Lisa Paul from Renew Hope Haiti last Dolly Donations Drive and the adorable dolls that they collected (see photo above and here) they have set up a

Spring 2011 Dolly Donations drive for the children of Haiti.

“We are currently working with folks on the ground in Haiti to find where the greatest need is.”

They ask that the dolls be made with brown fabric and that they have a little prayer (or message depending on your faith etc) placed inside of them.

“When the child hugs the doll you made, they will also be hugging the prayer you sent.”

Please send the Dolls to:

This drive is Completed!!!!  Hooray!!!
Find out more here

End Date: April 1st 2011

Updates of this Dolly Donations Doll Drive with the exact destination within Haiti that your dollies will travel to and to whom will follow shortly!

Thanks and Happy Sewing!

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