June Newsletter Part 2

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another month crossed off the calendar! What’s going on with me, well I have a New Happy Little Blog : Dolls And Daydreams

After much ado I have decided to start my own happy little craft blog. I love sharing all the free patterns I find and of course all my tips and tricks. You’ll be able to see what I am up to (arts, crafts, sewing and jewelry making) and find out a bit more about my everyday life. Feel free to pop by anytime: Dolls And Daydreams

UPDATE 9/8/2010 : I’m very sad to report, but due to continues copyright infringements … and some very naughty people using this pattern for profit I am no longer offering the advance pattern for others to use.

If you have already downloaded this pattern please enjoy using it for non profit, but please do not share it without my written permission.

The Advanced Dolly Donations Doll Pattern is Here!! Horay!

It is with a ton of excitement and joy that I share with you our Advance Dolly Donations Pattern! This beautiful pattern was drawn up by a very talented seamstress and friend. I am very grateful for all her hard work. With removable skirts, cute sewn in shorts and sleeves these dollies are a delight, but don’t worry if it seems beyond you, the pattern is Advanced :)

Happy Sewing!
(N.B. This doll pattern is not for resale or commercial use.)

Start Your Own Dolly Donations Drive

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen (USA) recently (via the internet of course!). A wonderful woman with a big heart who is extremely excited about adopting her son from Haiti. Not wanting to leave the other children out at the orphanage when she travels there to meet her son at the end of the year, she has found the perfect gift for them all.

Yup, you guessed it, each of the children will receive a doll made from the dolly donations pattern! And to top it off Jen is hoping to make 50 dolls for our drive also! All this while moving house with her other two kiddy winks! Busy is an understatement…..

If you start your own Doll Drive, please let me know!

Congratulations on your upcoming adoption Jen! The dolls you are making are fabulous and we all wish you a safe trip (and move!)! Stay in touch and tell us how you’re doing!

Mariane from Australia stumbled across DD the other day and chose us for her next crafting project! Thank you so much Mariane your dollies are beautiful!

I’d like to finish off the newsletter with a big Happy 4th of July to everyone here in the US. Have a wonderful weekend to everyone else around the world ...... 

Take care and Happy Sewing!

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