This Weeks Dolls for Haiti: Well Done Everyone!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Susan sent me this fab photo of all the dollies she and the ladies of the UK 'Folkestone stitch n bitch' group made. 10 girls and 4 boys, wow they have been busy!

Bren, USA, "I think this is an AWESOME project!"  Ahhhh, Thanks!!  Well, i think your dollies are AWESOME too ;) !!!

Liz, USA, sent in these lovely dolls.  "2 of them have pockets in their bellies which was an idea of my children because they love dolls with pockets"  What a lovely idea!

Angela USA "My kids and I finished four dolls. We had a great time making these. They're in the mail!" I saw how hard your kiddy winks were working on your blog!  Well done you two, you are dolly making stars!!!

Tawnya USA " My rainbow of dollies! I had fun with these, and my kids have kissed each of these as they went into the box. There was room for 20 dollies!" They are indeed a beautiful rainbow of dollies!!! Thank you so much!

Jaye Jaye (USA) "It was a fun project to do with my boys (9 & 4.5)"  They all look so happy and ready to be hugged!

Annette  USA "I had many adventures making my two dolls and will miss them, but it makes my heart swell to know they are going to Haiti."  Thier outfits are just too adorable!

Megan, Angie, Carol, Jessica, Anna, Joanna, and Jennifer (USA) made these beautiful dollies!

Thank You Everyone for all your hard work this week!

Happy Sewing!

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