10 more fabulous dollies to Haiti!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The lovely kindhearted Dorothy is at it again! She's managed to get her wonderful "Sewing Seeds of Love" group to make up and send out 10 more fabulous dollies to Haiti! Hooray!!!

"Sewing Seeds of Love" group at New Covenant Community Church is sending these 10 precious dollies to Maissade, Haiti next week!"

"Some of the dolls were made by our newest member, Roxy, that joined us after reading about us on you blog!....... (this is the) First doll ever sewn by my granddaughter, Talyn"

Lilly and her beautiful dolly!
"Some of the doll faces were drawn by my granddaughters! So fun to see the joy of giving in them!" Dorothy

Felicity with her designer dolly sketch and finished dolly!!
Wow! They are all so beautiful!  Please tell your granddaughters they are dolly making pros!!!!  Thank you for the wonderful photos and update Dorothy!  Keep up the good work!

Hugs and happy sewing!, Sarah xxxx

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