Guatemala - NEW Active Doll Drive 2013!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Patricia Buckert has set up a Dolly Donations Drive for Children in need in Guatemala. She will be working with Mayan Families to get the dollies into the hands of the children.

"Mayan Families is a small non-profit organization operating in the Highlands of Guatemala.
Based in Panajachel, we operate a variety of programs to support and empower the Maya people of Lake Atitlan and the surrounding areas."

They also have an orphanage care program that helps Children who have lost their family's or are living alone with a disabled older relative, such as Maria Cristina who lives alone with her 83 year old arthritic father.

"We try to support families that are caring for orphans in order to keep them out of the orphanages, where they are often separated from their siblings and discouraged from practicing traditions such as wearing the indigenous clothing.  All of the children in our Orphan Care Program are provided with one hot meal five days a week in order to supplement their diet and relieve some of the financial pressure from the extended family that is caring for them. "

Maria Isabel and Miguel Andres mother suddenly felt very sick. 15 days later, she died of leukemia. The children have never known their fathers .....

So many sad sad stories ... but a little dolly could help cuddle some of the pain away ....

Goal: 500 dolls  WOW 700 collected!!!!
Start Date: Now
Boys and Girls dollies, in Light to Dark skin tones Please :)

End Date:  Closed 

They already have 300 pledged by The Freshwater Church, women's group (Paw Paw, MI)and the Calvery Reformed Church, (Kalamazoo, MI)  HOORAY!!!!

They have also been making up Doll Kits ... to send out to those who can sew them up!! What a brilliant idea!

If you'd like to help make a difference in a Guatemalan child's life please
Send your dolls to: 

 Patti Ann's Teddy Bears & Dollies,
 % Patricia Buckert, P.O. Box 631,
Oshtemo, MI 49077

Hugs and Happy Sewing Everyone!

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