Dolls for children in Brazil and Rwanda!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

It truly amazes me how people find out about Dolly Donations. The lovely Rebecca stumbled upon my site after searching on the internet for her son who was about to do a mission in Brazil or Sao Paulo. She saw our Doll Drive for Brazil (which is now closed) and got to work straightaway as the deadline was only days away! 

 "My hobby is making antique reproduction porcelain dolls. I get together with three other ladies once a week to make dolls. When I saw that there was an opportunity to use our hobby (albeit a different medium) to bring love, compassion and imagination to children in need, I was thrilled! I was even more thrilled to see that the dolls would be going to the same area where my son would be serving for the next two years. It made me feel like a small part of me was serving along with him."  Rebecca .

Once Rebecca boxed up her 9 beautiful dollies and sent them off she and her lovely sewing friends didn't stop there!  She saw our active doll drive for Rwanda (now closed) .....

Thanks so much to Sandy for making 9 pretty dollies!

 "These ladies finished their dolly contributions just in time to get packed away with the rest of the love heading to Rwanda, with Africa New Life Ministries." Rebecca

Becky made 8 adorable dollies!

 "Thank you for this opportunity to spread love and compassion." Rebecca

30 dollies made by Rebecca and her very talented friends are now on their way to their new best friends!  Hooray!!  Thank you all so very very much you are so wonderful and giving, I love how each one is so individual just like their new owners ♥! 

Take care and very happy sewing to you all!  
(And I do hope your son is having an amazing trip helping those in need in Brazil Rebecca!) 

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