Why Send a Doll to Brazil?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm getting a lot of e-mails asking about the "organisation" we are working with in Brazil.  There is no organization, everything is in such turmoil regarding the eviction of over 6000 people.  

"...Helena Silvestre, Urban Resistance Front, said .....  helicopters, gas pumps moral effect, bullets and pepper spray, plus a lot of violence are being used for the withdrawal of the inhabitants ... more than 800 people are in a local Church, not knowing where to go and what to do. "These families have lost all their belongings. There are many rumors of people injured and killed, but the only official information regarding loss of life is that of a child of three years. Leaders have difficulty in obtaining information because the shock troops have closed all entrances and exits of the camp. No one has certain knowledge of what happens there, "as reported by Helena." Source (translation via Google Chrome)

Andrea and 50 of her friends and neighbors (see above photo of a group of them hard at working making their first batch of dollies)  who all live in Brazil have set up a Doll Drive to try and help the traumatized children of these family's.

Andrea and her friends are like you and me, mothers, sisters, creative women with big hearts trying to comfort these frightened children ....... a doll might not seem important to others but to a child it is their best friend, their confidant, someone who they can tell all their fears and secrets to and snuggle with at night.  Something that is theirs, to love and hold and give them a sense of security when the world around them is falling apart.


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