Make that 132 dolls needed – One Mother’s Difficult Choice.

Friday, May 14, 2010

This pretty much sums up how desperate mothers are in Haiti. This poor mother felt she had no choice but to leave her two 11 month old twin girls at Hope Village. This struck a chord with me, as my daughter just turned 12 months and I cannot imagine the pain and desperation she must feel leaving them. You see her husband died in the earthquake leaving her to care for the twins and her three other children. 5 mouths to feed and no job. At least now she believes she will be able to find work and will return for her daughters when “she has some stability in her life.” But there is no set date …..

Thankfully they are in Father Marc’s care amongst new friends and caregivers in the  Free The Kids Hope Village.

Sending them a doll each will mean so much! So the new total is 132 ….. but I don’t think anyone will mind making more! There is no doubt in my mind that every extra doll we send will find a very grateful new home!

Sending all my love to the children of Haiti…..

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