A Little Bit About Free The Kids in Haiti: Project Hope

Monday, May 24, 2010

As you all know by now, our current Doll Drive is for Free The Kids (formerly known as Theo's Work Inc. / Espwa Haiti) to provide their orphanage with 132 dolls.

Free The Kids - Project Hope is a non-profit organization founded by Father Marc Boisvert in 1998 to support humanitarian efforts in southern Haiti.

“The primary focus …. is to alleviate the devastating effects of poverty on children in Haiti. The children suggested Pwoje Espwa as a name for the (non-sectarian) project, which is Haitian Creole for Project Hope.”

What makes Hope Village different from other orphanages is that they strive to teach the children that they can be self-sufficient as adults. Therefore the children learn skills to help build their own dormitories such as masonry, and carpentry. They are taught about farming and agriculture in the fields that surround them in their sustainable village, so that they will be able to provide, one day, for their own children.

Over 800 children are currently living in Hope Village, with more turning up daily, ranging from birth to teenagers. More than 1,700 children are provided with academic and vocational education from the surrounding villages .

“Hope Village provides hundreds of children with shelter, food, clothing, education, basic medical care and a family. But what we really offer the children of southern Haiti is HOPE.”

Although the video is out of date (March 2007) and much more has been done to help the children of Haiti by Free The Kids, the wonderful message of Hope is still relevant.

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