Not Dolls but Bears! So Glad We Could Help!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When I first came up with the idea to make dolls for Haiti orphans the one thing I didn’t count on was how difficult it was to find an organization to send the dolls safely to Haiti and be able to give those dolls directly to those that needed them the most, the children of Haiti.

So when I was contacted by Suzi (USA) who has been making bears with the intention of sending them to Haiti, I knew we had to help! And of course the wonderful people at The Abundant Ground Foundation agreed too. So along with our shipment of dolls we will also be sending these cuddly bears made out of polar fleece.

“The idea to make the bears came while I was watching the news reports about the earthquake in Haiti. I thought about all those children who had lost everything, including their families, and had nothing of their own to hold on to. I remembered a request for teddy bears from the California Highway Patrol…. to give to children at accident scenes.

I looked for a simple pattern online and found Antonette Cely's "Bear Hugs" pattern and decided to go with that. When I showed the bears to the ladies of Gals and Dolls doll club, they wanted to play, too.

I heard that there are at least 250,000 orphans, so that is a lot of dolls and bears. It is possible for every Haitian orphan to get some gift of love if we invite our friends and family to join in. ”Suzi (USA)

Thanks to Suzi and the Ladies of the Gals and Dolls doll club!

Happy Sewing!

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