Weekend Worries: My Sewing Machine Broke!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I was given my sewing machine by my husband’s late grandmother, The lovely Ms Mona. We had a lot in common, especially when it came to crafting, and I miss her terribly….. the nice thing is, I think of her every time I make a Dolly.

Unfortunately late Thursday night my machine suddenly stopped in mid stitch and refused to budge!

Worried, is an understatement! The machine’s maker is out of business; parts are hard to find and hideously over priced, and to top it off, my local shop told me they have a 3 week wait just to look at a machine!!!

Does no one realize I have Dollies to make!!!!!

My Darling Hubby tried his best ….. but luckily I found a little shop on the other side of town. They were fantastic, listened to my heartfelt story and fixed her in a day!!! (I have to say I should have had her serviced years ago.) My material now glides through her like a warm knife through butter! I loved sewing on her before, now I adore it! I made 10 dolls in one sitting (unheard of last week when she was running slow!!!)

Moral of the story, maintain your machine, clean and love her …. As inevitably she’ll throw a wobbly when you need her the most & you don’t want to spend a weekend panicking like I did!!!

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