How Many Dolls Have You Got for Haiti?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I keep getting asked how many dolls I have made, so I decided I would do a count. Don’t worry I am not expecting everyone to do all the hard work of making a dolly while I sit back, put my feet up and have a cup of tea (I know I know, very British!) Trust me, I have been working very hard, and after 3 weeks of cutting, sewing, stuffing and painting …… I am happy to report that I have 42 Dollies!!! That’s 21 boys and 21 girls, and I am exhausted!!! Hahahaha

So let’s do a quick count and see where we are. I don’t care if you haven’t sent them in, or photographed them yet, I’m just wondering how many finished dollies we have out there dotted around the world……

In no particular order:
  • Pippa (UK) – 3 (3g)
  • Susan (UK) 2 (1b,1g)
  • Gill (UK) – 2 (1b, 1g)
  • Janice (UK) – 2 (1b, 1g)
  • Jennie (New Zealand) – 2 (2g)
  • Jeanie (USA) – 2 (1b, 1g)
  • Rosario (USA) - 1 (1g)
  • Ellen (USA) – 2 (1b, 1g)
  • Third St Girls (Canada) - 4 (3g, 1b)
  • Felt Like Stitchin (UK) - 3 (2g, 1b)
  • Agnes (USA) - (2 g)
  • Louise (Gibraltar) – 5 (3g, 2b)
  • Rachal (UK) -3 (1g, 2b)
  • Guelph Homeschool Group (Canada) – 37 (22g, 15b)
  • Di Burns (UK) - 4 (3g, 1b) 
  • Aleta (USA) -3 (2g, 1b)
  • Poppy - (USA) 21 (11b, 10g) 
  • Carla - (USA) 6 (3b, 3g)
  • Melinda - 2 (2g)
  • Suzy (UK) - 4 (3g, 1b)
  • Joy (UK) - 3 (3g) 

WOW, we have 157 Dolls!
(92 girls and 65 boys) Well done everyone!!!
Remember: if we get over 181(and i hope we do!!) they will be given to the local children who have nothing to call their own!

Let me know in the comments how many you have if I haven’t listed you :) Oh this is so exciting!!!!!

Making 1 doll takes time and love, and your hard work is appreciated! Just think, with that 1 dolly, you are bringing happiness to one child’s life! How wonderful!!

Thank You!!!! 
 I couldn't do this without you all :)

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