Want 2 Help But Can't Sew?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Want to help but you just don’t sew? No problem, I have some free doll knitting & crochet patterns!!

Still not your cup-of-tea? ... well.....

Please spread the word!

Tell your friends, teachers, church groups, and anyone else you can think of! Subscribe via e-mail, Follow me, take a Dolly Button for your site, and/or ‘Share’ me on Facebook, twitter etc

The more people know about us, the more dollies are made and the more children get their very own  friend to hug!


Are you or do you know someone who is an aid worker, charity volunteers, missionary, or military traveling overseas who would be willing to take some dolls with them to local underprivileged children and orphanages… please tell them about Dolly Donations!

Donate your fabric & sewing bits.

Have No Time to sew.  Well, Grandma’s stash of scrap fabric, thread, felt, ribbon, any sewing supply odds and ends you’ve been saving up for a rainy day would be gratefully appreciated and used, just pop it in the post to me.

Become a Sponsor.

If you have a website and would like to sponsor Dolly Donations (100% of all funds go towards making dolls for orphan children) please contact me and I can add your link/button to my site.

Thank you so much for your support!!!

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