Haiti Prototype Rag Dolly Finished!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

After the adventures of the ‘easy’ sew pattern last week, I decided to give that a rest and start on my ‘intermediate’ Free Rag Doll Pattern I am making for everyone to share.

First I sketched out what I wanted the doll to look like, added a ¼ inch to each piece and merrily began to cut them out in card.

First thing I noted, the fancier the design, the more waste in fabric. That’s not good.

Second thing I realized. I loathe sewing doll thumbs at this scale, and so does my machine. I managed to jam it just after taking this photo. Far too fiddly and the end result was no better than the rounded ones I started doing.

Third thing. Boy did I make the arms too long and everything was far too skinny, making stuffing a slow job! The boy dolly (who I started with) looks like a runner bean, poor chap! I made a few quick adjustments to the girl dolly … but I’d already cut the pattern out – silly Sarah!

Fourth thing. Incorporating the hair into the design will make it much quicker than this method (didn’t have any black felt on hand, but I think the colors make the dollies look cute! So I might stick to it in the final design. Ahh I love it when you make happy mistakes!)

And last but not least ….. I think their faces might have too much detail ……... Especially if i am to teach someone who doesn’t paint. (don’t get me started on the shape of their heads …. Prototype people!!! hahaha) anyway…. All in all, I am pretty happy with the first shot at a dolly pattern and will look forward to tinkering with it over the next week.

Have a Lovely Weekend, & Happy Sewing!

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