Haiti: My thoughts on a Little Miracle!

Monday, January 25, 2010

This little girl, thought to be around 18 months old, was pulled from the rubble 6 days after the earthquake, amazingly with no injuries!

She is the not the first baby to be found alive, Jean-Louis Brahms, eight months old, was rescued after 5 days trapped under his house, his poor parents had given up hope that he was alive.

What breaks my heart is that this little girl’s name is not known, and her parents are ‘believed’ to be dead. With over 150,000 dead (BBC reported), mass graves filled with unidentified bodies, will she ever find her parents….

It’s pictures like these that make me determined to help. Seeing children lying in makeshift hospital beds, alone, kills me, as I’m sure it does other parents around the world. These children need to be able to feel hope, comfort and love.

I will do my best to make as many dolls as I possibly can, and appreciate everyone who is willing to work alongside me in trying to make this simple dream a reality…………………….. and get the dolls into the hands of the children of Haiti.

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