Doll Drive For The Children of Japan

Monday, March 21, 2011

My heart goes out to the people of Japan and I am sure you all feel the same. I have been seeing the photos of the children as all of you have and hope above all hopes that an agency out there will be helping them.
After a little research I came across the Save The Children UK.

“Recent reports show several villages now under water with at least one city completely destroyed. Due to the fears of an explosion near the nuclear plant, 215,000 people are reported to have been evacuated and to have spent the night without electricity and water.”

How they will help.

"Our response will focus on helping provide children with psychosocial care, such as setting up areas where children can play safely, to help return some sense of normality to their lives as soon as possible."

Stephen McDonald, Save the Children's team leader in Japan said, "Our first priority in Japan is to ensure that the most vulnerable children receive protection and care. It's very important for the affected children to return to normal life as soon as possible."

A father and child walk through a devastated area in Sendai, northern Japan: AP Photo/Kyodo News

How we can help.

I have had many e-mails asking if I will be setting up a Dolly Donations Drive. As mentioned in an earlier post I am not currently setting up doll drives myself.

If you know of anyone who has set one up, or you will be setting one up for the children of Japan please let me know.

Children made homeless by last week's devastating tsunami in Japan could be about to face fresh misery as temperatures plunge source

For information on how to set up a Dolly Donations Drive please go to the FAQ page.

I will support and publisize a doll drive in every way I can.

Please see this page for a list of our current Active Doll Drives

Take care everyone and Happy Sewing.


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