Shipping Reminder! The Clock is Ticking!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time is slipping away! Are you like me? Sewing like a crazy woman, trying to make one more doll before bed at night, dreaming of sewing doll legs and stuffing arms? Up early to cut more dolls before your baba wakes? Hmmm could I have OCD I wonder…..?! hahaha  I know i only have a week or so left before i'll have to send my dollies off so.......

..... here is a reminder for shipping!
  • Send well before the end date, March 31st to ensure they arrive in time! N.B. The Dolls leave the US on March 31st for Haiti!! (I’m sending mine at the end of next week).

  • Don’t forget your tax receipt! - even if you are not going to claim your dolls, please note that The Abundant Ground Foundation will be issuing tax receipts for all dolls received , so filling in the form saves them lots of time! :)
Click here for the printable PDF Tax Receipt Form

  • If you are in the US, Priority Flat rate envelopes and boxes might be your cheapest option ;)
Please send your Dollies to:

The Abundant Ground Foundation
96 East Raymond Avenue
Roosevelt, New York 11575.

Happy Last Minute Sewing and Shipping!!

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