School Children Making Dolls for Haiti Orphans!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beth (USA) a Teen Living teacher at Eagle Ridge Middle School, Ashburn, VA encouraged her 8th graders to each make a doll using Dolly Donations easy pattern to send to the children of Haiti.

They made 16 beautiful dolls, each with their own personality! What a fantastic job they did!

Stefanie (USA) a parent of a young seamstress in the making, wanted to share these photos of the 10 dolls made by students at The Emerson School, Portland, OR. What a brilliant array of colors they used, and don’t they look happy to be going on their long journey!

My goodness we have some very talented kids out there!

I just got word that 49 Dolls have been sent in by the students of  Cibola High School, Yuma, Arizona!

Well done to all the schools, scout troupes and home school networks that have taken part in this Dolly Drive, you have all done an outstanding job!


Cathy March 23, 2010 at 7:07 PM  

Hi Sarah, I love all the new dolls! I just mailed mine today to NY! So glad to get that done. Don't know how many, but not all those I had cut out. I just had too much going on, but I have 2 other orphanges to send them too, but I won't have them too long. I also mailed one to California for a lady there that has been suffering for over 20 years from a serious back injury, and she keeps herself sane by embroidering every day. I sent her the doll and she is really looking forward to it. What a blessing these dolls have been to me, and I know to others that have made them, besides the children that will receive them! Thank you!

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